Season 7

Love Blactually

There is yet another girl Brian has his sights on, though Stewie convinces him to slow things down with his new relationship. But when the lovelorn Cleveland steps in and sweeps this woman off her feet, Brian must do anything he can to win her back, even if it means involving Cleveland’s ex-wife, Loretta.



I Dream Of Jesus

Peter re-discovers his passion for the song “Surfin’ Bird”, but Brian and Stewie find it so annoying that they try to prevent it from being heard again. Distraught, Peter searches every record store in town for a copy of the song until he runs into Jesus himself, and the two start hanging out.           



Road to Germany

Mort Goldman accidentally steps into Stewie’s time machine, so Brian and Stewie go back in time to retrieve him. Things look bad when they discover that they’ve arrived in World War II-era Poland, so they must travel to Nazi Germany to save Mort and find a way to safely return to the present.



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