Season 3

The Thin White Line

Brian works as a police dog, then goes into rehab after becoming addicted to cocaine. 



Brian Does Hollywood

Brian moves to Los Angeles and becomes a director. 




Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington

Peter goes to Washington, D.C. as a tobacco lobbyist. 




One If By Clam, Two If By Sea

The Drunken Clam is turned into a British pub. The new owner has his eyes on Lois. 



And the wiener is…

Peter is sure Chris will never beat him at any competition, but is taken aback when he discovers Chris has a bigger penis than him. 



lethal weapons

The quiet town of Quahog is disrupted when the leaves start turning fall colors and “leafers” (New Yorkers) invade town. 



Death Lives

On their wedding anniversary, Peter sends Lois on a scavenger hunt so he can go play golf at Barrington. After an accident he meets Death again. 



The kiss seen around the world

Channel 5 announces they want two high school interns, and Meg, who has a crush on news anchor Tom Tucker, applies and is selected. Stewie deals with a bully. 



Mr. Saturday Knight

Laid off from the toy factory, Peter decides to fulfill his dream of being a Renaissance fair jouster. 



Fish Out Of Water

Peter begins his new career as a fisherman while Lois takes Meg on spring break. 



Emission Impossible

Lois and Peter decide to have another baby, but Stewie tries to keep that from happening. 



To Love, To Die In Dixie

When a burglar threatens to kill Chris, the family is taken into the witness protection program and moves to the deep South. 



Screwed The Pooch

 The family goes to visit Lois’s parents and Brian falls in love with the Pewterschmidts dog, Sea Breeze. 



Peter Griffin: Husband, Father…Brother?

Peter finds out he has a black ancestor. Stewie trys to learn mind control from the school cheerleaders. 



Ready, Willing, and Disabled

Joe competes in the “Special People’s Games” while Chris, Meg and Stewie fight over a money clip. 



A Very Special Family Guy Freakin’ Christmas

The Christmas gift shopping has to be done all over again. Stewie stars as Jesus in the town Christmas pageant. 



Brian Wallows and Peter’s Swallows

Brian gets a DUI and is forced to attend an old shut-in woman while Peter lets birds nest in his beard. 



From Method to Madness

Stewie becomes a hit singing a duet with Olivia, while Meg courts Jeff, a nudist. 




Stuck Together, Torn Apart

Peter and Lois deal with their jealousy, while Brian and Stewie are accidentally joined at the hands with an industrial adhesive. 



Road To Europe

Peter and Lois attend KISS-stock, while Brian and Stewie travel to London looking for Jolly Farm Revue



Family Guy Viewer Mail #1

 Three short stories based upon viewer requests. 




When You Wish Upon a Weinstein

Peter prays for a Jew to help him manage his money, eventually he decides to convert Chris to ensure his son’s success.



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