season 1

 Death has A Shadow

When Peter’s drinking causes him to lose his job, he turns to welfare but ends up receiving much more than expected, which he attempts to resolve by returning it at the Super Bowl. 



I never met a dead man

When Peter accidentally runs over the cable television transmitter, he then decides to spend his life away from the TV. Stewie goes to great lengths to avoid eating his broccoli. 



Chitty Chitty Death Bang

Lois wants Stewie’s first birthday party to be perfect, but Meg would rather go to a party with her new friend. 




Mind over murder

When Peter is put under house arrest, he builds a bar in his basement, where Lois becomes a singing star. Stewie constructs a time machine to end a toothache. 



A hero Sits Next door

Joe Swanson moves in next door and Peter recruits him to be a ringer at the toy factory’s baseball team. 




The son Also Draws


Chris hates being in the Scouts but is afraid to tell Peter. The family travels to New York but sidetracks at an Indian casino. 



Brian: Portrait of a dog

Feeling demeaned by a dog show, Brian leaves the family and tries to make it on his own. 














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